The future
of yachting

Together we revolutionize yacht equipment.
The interior and exterior. For new builds and refits.

Craftsmanship in perfection.

As a guarantor that yacht dreams come true without compromise. As a partner to our customers right from the very beginning. We make the impossible possible.

Moments that
change. Groundbreaking

There are moments that change a life. Moments so unique that you never forget them. What a feeling it must have been when the first sailors reached the horizon and realized: It’s not the end of the world. Crossing borders is still possible today. F/YACHTING follows the pioneers and explorers of the oceans. We are changing the industry from the ground up, giving it a future. Because we, too, think beyond the horizon, question norms and rules, and thus overcome the status quo. With our 361° approach, we are much more than yacht furnishers and outfitters. We accompany a yacht from the first idea to the maiden voyage and over many years on the oceans. With our partners in the industry, at eye level and with sustainable vision.


Courage for new things.

Craftsmanship in perfection and inexhaustible innovative power have always allowed us to go beyond ourselves and overcome technical limits. We have the courage to leave old paths behind. The spirit of discovery of the old pioneers on the world’s oceans is in our blood and lets us discover new paths. It is not technical or physical laws that guide our compass. With a passion for design, highest quality and sustainability, we are constantly recalibrating the compass. We are driven by the demand for excellence and perfection.



We know our yachts.

And we like to get to know new yachts. With our 361 degree service, we can cover both: Co-designing a new yacht from the start, and refits and refurbishments of yachts where we are new to coming on board. 361 Degree Service means that no matter when we come on board, we come to stay. As a guarantee that craftsmanship in perfection, materials of the highest quality and innovative design ideas get the attention it takes to create unique living spaces on the water, not just on day one.

With our furniture systems developed in the F/LAB, we have created a basis for reconciling sustainability and the desire for constant change on board. Innovative furnishing elements make it possible to build on existing systems and yet give a yacht a completely new look. We breathe new life into old materials with our expertise.