We are fearless.

Not only do we change the rules of the game, we invent new ones. We question the status quo. Our ongoing journey to surpass physical and technical limitations is solidly anchored in the F/LAB — the heart of our visionary evolution. This is where state-of-the-art manufacturing meets impossible ideas. This is where our team invents pioneering new materials and mechanisms that redefine the future of interior yacht design. Our vision is to make sustainability the standard for the entire yachting industry. Our developers in the F/LAB contribute to this goal every day.

The sparkling of a school of fish, the leathery skin of a sea giant: We can turn any idea into reality without ever harming a single animal. Our material innovations imitate natural materials to perfection—and are so versatile, flexible, and robust that nothing stands in the way of their long life on the water.


Innovation, craftsmanship and technology

From innovations for resource-saving production to the fusion of craftsmanship and technology. From bringing any material into any shape to the development of completely new materials. At F/LAB, we push the boundaries and then overcome them. Whether seemingly impossible ideas spring from the minds of our customers or designers doubt the feasibility of creative ideas – we are the right contact for everyone. Because that is also what sets us apart: Together, we create the unprecedented at F/LAB. Co-creation as the basis for a new future of yachting.


Originated in the F/LAB

Examples of our material innovations are F/YACHTING Aenigma and F/YACHTING Linfinium—our product contribution to changing the future of yachting.

We also take innovative approaches to balancing sustainability and the desire for adaptation and change in a yacht. Our modular furniture systems can give a completely new look to any yacht interior without making any substantial changes. Over and over again. New and unforgettable moments on the water—forever.

F/LAB Aenigma

F/LAB Aenigma is a flexible surface material that pushes the boundaries of design. Any texture, any structure, any color can be created with Aenigma. It retains its shape and quality for years and can withstand even the heaviest loads. A ground-breaking product that combines uniqueness and sustainability. A prime example of the F/YACHTING approach.

F/LAB Linfinium

F/LAB Linfinium is a composite material that is also used for surface design. Using linseed as a base material, it provides a basis for creating flexible and lightweight surfaces, for example, enhanced with stone or metal.

We are happy to present our broad range of materials in our co-creation showroom, where we support projects with our design and technology expertise, provide samples, display our extensive certifications, and present a wide selection of veneers.