Working at


We are pioneers.

We are pioneers, combining craftsmanship with technology and constantly redefining the limits of what is possible with our innovative spirit. We courageously question the status quo and break new ground. As experts in yacht interiors and exteriors, we set new standards in the yacht market: we accompany a yacht throughout its entire product life cycle, from the initial idea to the planning, through the interior design and fitting to refits. We are always thinking about the next step and the step after that in order to bring yacht luxury into harmony with sustainability. We are drivers of innovation in resource-conserving furniture construction and in the creation of materials that are modeled on natural products.

This is all part of our 361 degree approach. This makes us a partner to our customers, sitting at the table in the owner’s team from the very beginning. As a guarantor of reliability, excellence and sustainability, we are revolutionizing the future of yachting. Our team works with passion and an inexhaustible inventive spirit every day to make dreams come true. We love unconventional ideas and people who dare to try things that no one has tried before.



We are innovative.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”: nothing better describes the team spirit that makes it possible to achieve our ambitious goals. Every employee can surpass themselves with us. At F/LAB, designers, planners, engineers and carpenters work together to develop unprecedented innovations in furniture construction. Our customers are demanding, and so are we: we encourage everyone in the team to contribute creatively and test out ideas, however impossible they may seem. These challenges and the joint search for solutions also help us grow together as a team. This is the only way to achieve innovation, the only way to be a game changer for an entire industry with ground-breaking developments.


Our home port…

F/YACHTING is firmly anchored in our home port of Thomasberg. At the same time, we stand for internationality with ten high-end manufactories from Canada, Great Britain to the United Arab Emirates. Employees from more than two dozen nations work together and have the opportunity to get to know other locations and broaden their horizons. As a craft business, we need skilled carpenters who deliver the product quality we are proud of with passion and perfection. However, as a luxury yacht outfitter, there are also exciting fields of work and activities in all other departments of the company, where we transcend horizons. In implementing our new, revolutionary 361 Degree approach, particular attention is currently being paid to the areas of research and development, project management and engineering.

Ideas and solutions.

Just as we are constantly developing our work and our products, we also offer our employees opportunities for further development. Be it by moving to other areas of the company or through further training and specialization. We want to strengthen the strengths of each individual and develop new potential in order to achieve great things together. Every project with us is unique, every yacht is one of a kind. Project management and engineering therefore always require new ideas and solutions. That’s what makes working at F/YACHTING so exciting. We are drivers of innovation in all areas, from conceptualization and planning to carpentry, which takes the many steps beforehand and turns them into a finished product of the highest perfection. In our teams there, young talents work together with experienced experts. Perfected production techniques are passed on and new approaches are developed. By learning from each other, we all become better.