About us


Values and vision.

47°35’59.42″ North/16°07’18.44″ East: the coordinates of our home port, Thomasberg, are our anchor. It is precisely this anchoring at home that allows us to be at home on the world’s oceans. Driven by our values, we at F/YACHTING are ready to shape the future of the industry. Our management and our employees represent our commitment to innovation and perfection.



F/YACHTING sets new standards in the industry.

We rethink the project management of a yacht in a sustainable way: On the one hand, as an expert for exterior and interior, we are an agent for our customers, on the other hand, we are a sparring partner for architects, designers and developers – in the co-creation process, we create a playground for the boldest ideas and work together to bring them to life. We sit at the table in the Owner’s Team. This is the only way we can turn limitless wishes into reality. The source of innovation is our F/LAB, where we develop novel materials, mechanisms and technologies that overcome existing boundaries – also in terms of sustainability.

Our work begins at the first fleeting thought of a yacht. We stand ready to make dreams come true, however unattainable they may seem. And our work does not end when the yacht is launched for the first time. We are partners for change throughout the entire life cycle. Craftsmanship in perfection, coupled with a spirit of innovation – and an eye for sustainability right from the start. For a new standard in the industry: The future of yachting starts now.



At F/LAB, we test and overcome physical and technical limits.

It is the cradle of new developments. In the co-creation process, we work together with designers, architects and developers. Innovative materials, mechanisms and technologies are our response to unprecedented and never before realized wishes of customers.

F/LAB Aenigma and F/LAB Linfinium are just two examples of product innovations that we have successfully brought to market to open up new design perspectives and create something unique.