We are breaking new ground in a revolutionary way.

With our 361 degree service, we are leading the entire industry into a new future. We are at our customers’ side as a partner in yacht design as soon as they start thinking about a yacht, no matter how fleeting. We are on board long before the first steps are taken in the shipyard. Even before the conception phase, we are the first point of contact for family offices, representatives and brokers: Because at F/LAB, we can develop materials, technologies and mechanisms that turn previously unfulfilled wishes into reality. As part of the owner’s team, we are also a sparring partner for planners, designers and architects. We accompany every step of the yacht design process to overcome boundaries from the initial idea and make the impossible possible.

As a reliable partner, we remain on board even after the maiden voyage, as a contact point for crews and maintenance – in order to make new wishes come true for our customers throughout the entire life of their yacht on the world’s oceans. So that the magic of the first moment on the water loses none of its luster.

With just as much passion, we stand ready to take on refits and refurbishments. Existing equipment does not limit us. We overcome boundaries to make refit wishes come true. No matter when we step in, as a partner throughout the lifecycle of a yacht, we are with you every step of the way.


361 degree service

With our network of yacht building experts and field offices around the world, we implement everything from initial outfitting to refits and renovations to perfection and take care of keeping dreams alive. We are committed only to our customers. We listen, we see the finished yacht through their eyes even before the initial planning or after a new takeover. Our team at F/LAB, as a hotbed of innovation, is the driving force behind turning every idea, no matter how unusual, into reality. Our F/LAB innovations bring new, unique materials on board without having to consider the boundaries between inside and outside – but with great attention to sustainable production. And we’re already thinking about the next step and the one after that: with our interior systems and substructures, yachts are ideally prepared for refits. Without long preparation, without waste. For a sustainable future of the industry.

For future generations.

Wood, stone, metal, leather and fabrics: nature provides us with high-quality materials that we use in our yacht fittings. With our demand for quality and perfection, we only process and refine the best that nature has to offer. At the same time, we are always looking for new ways to reproduce natural materials.

A rippling wave on the horizon, the glint of a school of fish underwater, sand from a remote bay? We can translate anything into interior design. Using innovative technologies, we reproduce leather and skins of all kinds that are indistinguishable from natural fabrics in touch, feel and look, but perfected for use on board a yacht. We already have an idea for most wishes – and what doesn’t yet exist, we invent in the F/LAB.

Because for us, the luxury of a yacht that is at home on the world’s oceans is not at odds with sustainability. If we want to overcome limits, this also means innovative solutions for the careful use of resources. In this way, we want to redefine the future of the yachting industry.


The future is sustainable.

At F/YACHTING, we live sustainability in every step of our production. This starts in our factory. We perfect resource-conserving processes and constantly scrutinize every work step, including energy efficiency. A photovoltaic system supplies electricity for our machines. A stream cooling system ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

We use innovative processes to give by-products from our production a life of their own, equal in quality or even superior to natural materials. Our F/LAB is the source of innovation, where we create new materials, perfected for use in the yacht sector. We process natural materials in such a way that they lose none of their perfection over the years, even when exposed to the elements on deck.

We resolve the contradiction between the desire for constant change of a yacht and sustainability. Our innovative solutions for a yacht refit not only make this possible in a short time, but also allow many elements to continue to be used while still giving the yacht a completely new look. With the highest level of craftsmanship, we also breathe new life into existing furnishings: Up-Cycling in new quality.