What if…?

What if the dream of a new yacht and its furnishings does not remain a dream, coming up against technical and time limits on the way to reality?

What if there was someone on board every yacht with the expertise to make the impossible possible in outfitting – time and time again?

What if a refurbishment or refit was almost as easy as changing from summer to winter tires on a car?

And what if the luxury of yachting was not at odds with sustainability?

Then we will have led the yachting industry into a new era. As drivers of innovation, we at F/YACHTING are ready to follow this path. Ready for a revolution in the yacht market.

Are you also ready to embark on new routes?

Holistic, for a lifetime.

Since 1992, F/YACHTING has stood for the highest quality in yacht furnishings, both inside and out. Through innovative solutions in furniture construction, we create unique living spaces on the water for our customers. Our new approach, our 361 degree service, stems from this innovative spirit. We dissolve the boundaries of yacht design and focus on a holistic approach in which we are partners at eye level right from the start: for our customers in the owner’s team, for designers in planning, for developers in implementation, for crews in daily management.

We are always the right contact for outfitting, interior and exterior, regardless of whether the yacht is just an idea in our customers’ heads, is already being worked on in dry dock or is waiting to be fitted out, refitted or refurbished on the water. F/YACHTING is ready at any point in the life cycle to make the impossible possible. We are always thinking about the next step and the one after that and have innovative solutions to reconcile sustainability and the desire for constant change. We want to make this idea the new standard in yachting. As a partner for all players in yacht building. As a driver of innovation for an entire industry.

We accompany our customers and all the changes that yacht life brings with it. And we stay on board when a yacht is sold: As the first point of contact for a redesign, to give new owners that unique feeling of steering a yacht through the seas in line with their own wishes and dreams.

Shaping a better future with F/YACHTING: that is our aspiration. So that we can still overcome horizons for next generations.


Dreaming and planning

If you compare the first, fleeting thought of a new yacht to a drop of water, there are two possibilities. You see the drop percolating meaninglessly into the ground. Or you can already see the next drop and the one after that, and how it first becomes a stream, then a river, and finally an ocean.

We at F/YACHTING are visionaries. No matter how small, no matter how big, no matter how crazy an idea for yacht design, we want to accompany it from the very beginning. Because no matter whether a design idea is still as fleeting as a small drop of water, or whether there is already a sea of creative design proposals: With us on board, the implementation in the interior and exterior area on board a yacht is successful.

Making the impossible possible:

As a partner for all players in yacht development, we are available from the very beginning:
For owners, family offices and brokers on the way from the idea to the planning.

For developers, architects and designers: With our know-how and expertise, we fuse craftsmanship in perfection with technology to create innovative ideas that know no bounds. So that every connection fits, so that transitions from inside to outside mesh smoothly, so that the yacht can shine as a total work of art: In the joint conception and creation process, we make the impossible possible.

The cradle of our innovative strength is the F/LAB. Here we develop new materials, technologies and mechanisms, always with the aim of making dreams come true in equipment and overcoming limits.


Overcoming design boundaries.

Every wave on the sea, no matter how small, is unique. Creating living spaces on yachts that are as unique as the waters of the oceans is our aspiration. We therefore know no limits when it comes to materials, design, stylistic idiom and functionality in yacht furnishings.

As an expert for equipment we are part of the owner’s team and sparring partner for designers, architects and planners. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality in equipment, transparency in costs and schedule, and sustainable solutions for the future. Whether it’s a new build, refits or refurbishments, we are always on board to make the impossible possible.

We are driven by the demand for perfection, we are only satisfied with the best – and so we only process what meets this demand for yacht equipment. With our innovative spirit, however, we also succeed in constantly creating new materials and perfecting them for use on a yacht.

Works of art from nature and innovation.

We treat wood, our original product, with care and attention to detail. Natural, polished or milled – our carpenters refine every work of art of nature. Physical limits do not stop us: We make seemingly solid wooden elements bend at the touch of a button. An innovation that originates from F/LAB, just like lacquers that allow movement or electronics fused with a furniture surface.

We process stone solid or make it light as a feather. Rough to the touch like a rock, or smooth, as if polished after years in the surf – so smooth that you can see yourself reflected in it. Metal is wax in our hands: In our in-house metal workshop, we create unique pieces for every detail, no matter how small.

The feeling of stroking a new fabric is incomparable. We use the highest quality fabrics and leathers so that you can experience this feeling for the hundredth time. With just as much expertise as we process leather, we create imitations of any kind without having to kill a single animal.

Inside and outside: smooth transitions

We blur the lines between interior and exterior when it comes to yacht furnishings. Every material we use in interior design, we also make seaworthy. The processes we develop at F/LAB allow natural materials to be treated to withstand the elements. Smooth transitions allow the interior and exterior to blend into one. We create extraordinary living spaces on the water. Below deck. And on deck – for unforgettable moments on the water.


We know our yachts.

And we like to get to know new yachts. With our 361 degree service, we can cover both: Co-designing a new yacht from the start, and refits and refurbishments of yachts where we are new to coming on board. 361 Degree Service means that no matter when we come on board, we come to stay. As a guarantee that craftsmanship in perfection, materials of the highest quality and innovative design ideas get the attention it takes to create unique living spaces on the water, not just on day one.

With our furniture systems developed in the F/LAB, we have created a basis for reconciling sustainability and the desire for constant change on board. Innovative furnishing elements make it possible to build on existing systems and yet give a yacht a completely new look. We breathe new life into old materials with our expertise.