Values + Vision


47°35’59.42″ N 16°07’18.44″ O

These coordinates mark our home port, Thomasberg. Here in southern Lower Austria lies the base of F/YACHTING. We know our roots, they are our anchor – and at the same time the motor for the renewal of an entire industry.

The art of being settled everywhere.

Our coordinates are the anchor point, from here we have conquered the oceans. Since 1992 we stand for highest quality in yacht equipment. Our clients appreciate us for our reliability and handshake quality. With F/YACHTING we are taking the next step. On eye level with all players in yacht design and our customers from the very beginning, we bring craftsmanship to perfection and sustainability into focus with our innovative power. A holistic approach as a completely new way, where we sit at the table in the Owner’s Team. As representatives of the wishes of family offices, representatives, brokers, as sparring partners for planners, designers, architects and developers. And after the maiden voyage as the first contact for crew and maintenance for small and large wishes, up to refits and refurbishments. When designing a yacht, we always think about the next step and the one after that. Not wasteful, but sustainable in the use of resources through innovative materials and technologies. So that we can still overcome horizons for next generations.

We create extraordinary spaces. For unique moments by the sea. Today. And tomorrow.


Together for our vision.

Our two managing directors Werner Kartner (Customer Relations & Sales) and Andreas Aigner (Operations & Project Management) are at the helm of F/YACHTING. Their farsightedness is the guarantee that we do not lose sight of our vision.

Our crew on board.

Our employees are just as important. They are the hull that supports F/YACHTING and makes our path into a new future possible. We also live our claim to perfection internally: We promote the personal and professional development of each individual team member and allow us to become better and better. Only if the motivation to always give our best is reflected at all levels can we live up to our claim to perfection.

Our team delivers the yield of this claim day after day: In ten high-end manufactories worldwide, we produce unique works of art for yacht equipment with a passion for precision and perfection. Whether wood, metal, stone, fabrics or leather, our expertise allows us to surpass ourselves every time in the processing of all materials. Nothing leaves our factory that we do not consider perfect.

For us, craftsmanship and technology go hand in hand. The fusion of technological progress and good craftsmanship tradition allows us to set new standards and create something unique. In yacht outfitting, this means that we know no boundaries between inside and outside. Everything we use below deck, we can also make seaworthy for the design on deck. Craftsmanship in perfection, ready for use on board a yacht.